HELLO, Thank you for visiting the homepage of LULKOREA.

Dear customers and business partners, I greet you politely. We, LULKOREA, is specialized in personal mobility business and pursues continuous growth with the goal of becoming a global company.

By launching our own brand, we are actively researching, developing, and launching various products. The motto is to actively cope with global changes and create win-win energy with eco-friendly policies and high-quality technologies

Through personal mobility and secondary battery production, we will integrate the environment and energy, and finally enhance the lives of the our customers. I think the value of a company can be recognized only when it has challenged and passion. So, Executives and employees are working hard day and night so that LULKOREA can be recognized for its value.

We, LULKOREA are working hard to provide better, more convenient, and safer products to our customers. As a company that considers the safety and health of our customers as a priority, we want to be a "strong company" that serves as a stepping stone, not an obstacle to our customers. We don't only pursue technological advancement, We contemplate and dream of a future where technology, environment, and human hope are fused.
We will do our best without losing our original intention so that we can always approach our customers with pleasure and convenience. Please Keep eyes on LUL Korea, which will grow beyond Korea company into a global brand company. Thank you,

CEO of LULKOREA, Kim Houng-Hyeoun