We produce products directly in Korea according to the buyer's order and
we produce and export famous brand's product by OEM, ODM production method.
Plus, From product design to manufacturing design, we produce and
export LUL Korea models that we developed independently.

Production item

  • OEM·ODM orders

    • Domestic production on buyer's order
    • Establishment of reliability of MADE IN KOREA products
    • Establishment of safety through certification of international standards about domestic manufactured products
  • Manufacturing an independent development model

    • Differentiate from the same field industry (depending on OEM/ODM products) by independently developing products from product design to manufacturing design
    • Strengthening design capabilities through internal and external cooperation such as partnership and agreement with partners
    • Design development reflecting trends and practicality
  • battery manufacturing

    • Self-developed battery pack that can protect the battery, the power source of PM products, and ensure products safety.
    • Battery packs are produced in Korea through the establishment of an automated manufacturing system
    • Equipped with self-developed BMS, higher energy efficiency than comparable battery packs

LUL production capabilities

With the latest equipment and smart factory manufacturing system, the defect rate is drastically reduced and facility operation is greatly increased, providing high satisfactionto customers.

  • Point. 01

    Utilization of intelligent smart factory

  • Point. 02

    Secured safety by using self-developed domestic batteries

  • Point. 03

    Established infrastructure, it is capable of producing more than 100,000 units per year

  • Point. 04

    Product manufacturing and compliance with delivery date

manufacturing process

Through the automated manufacturing process, the defect rate is minimized and quality improvement is realized.

PM Manufacturing
  • Reflecting domestic development design/technolog
  • Mold and Prototyping
  • Acquisition of a domestic certificate of qualification and KC safety confirmation
  • Manufacturing Line formation(configuration)
  • Mass-production of products and second battery pack installed
Battery manufacturing
  • battery cell inspection classification (SAMSUNG, LG)
  • Assembling the battery cell according to the standard
  • Second inspection and packing
  • Packing cell welding and self-BMS installation, and then finishing shrink tube
  • Final inspection with battery charger and discharger