We steadily secure technologies that can be introduced into
new products through continuous R&D projects.
Every year, LULKOREA develops our own unique model by introducing design that
reflects new trends and battery technology of LUL Energy.
  • PM design development

    We develop product design that can pursue the convenience of the consumer beyond the biased design, we develop a design suitable for the cultural and geographic characteristics of the country. Plus, we reflect the needs of each country.

  • Structure(material) Development

    we develop structures and materials such as frames, handlebars, and forks mounted on PM products and reflect the development result on the durability and reduction of the product weight. We conduct research to improve driving efficiency and safety of drivers, such as wind tunnel tests and cohesion tests.

  • Battery pack development

    LULKOREA develop a BMS technology built into the battery pack for secondary batteries. We install a battery pack with BMS technology to maximize battery efficiency in our product. In addition, we develop technologies in various fields where secondary batteries are used, such as cell balancing and new businesses for recycling waste batteries.