We supply products to various domestic customers through expansion of online and offline
distribution networks and cooperation with the government and local governments.
In addition, we improve the brand awareness and stabilize profits by increasing service satisfaction of
domestic and foreign customers and business partners through domestic manufacturing.

Overseas distribution

We will be the first in Korea to manufacture personal mobility in Korea to produce and export OEM and ODM products (overseas order), and create continuous profits through the opening of overseas branches and partnership agreements.

  • OEM · ODM production
    and export

    Buyer-customized product and domestic PM product enter the European market. Based on the eco-friendly policies (Green Deal, Green New Deal, etc.) of many countries and the utilization of bicycle platforms in developed countries, we export customized- products suitable for demand countries and buyers.

  • Overseas branch establishment

    Seeking diversification of export markets by establishing overseas branches By establishing overseas branches, we seek to diversify the export market, create profitability, and provide differentiated services by providing sustainable customer management services.

  • Overseas partnership agreement

    Establishment of distribution network and overseas partnership. In cooperation with companies that have the world's largest production line, we seek stable raw material purchase and parts supply and demand. Plus, we establish production line network and strengthen supply chain cooperation for growth in overseas markets.

Domestic distribution

By continuing to expand offline stores such as operating branch offices and entering department stores, and expanding online distribution networks, we establish PM service infrastructure and stabilize profitability.

  • Operating branches, and collaboration with huge distribution company

    We aim to provide stable products and services, and establish 250 branch offices nationwide within 5 years.

  • Operation of own online-shopping mall and collaboration with major TV network shopping company

    Through the operation of our own online-shopping mall, it has established a new distribution network in the domestic market and secured customers of various ages through cooperation with major TV network shopping (Hyundai, GS channel).